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Looking for magicians for children’s birthday parties?  Hire a Magician to entertain and amuse the kids at your event!

We aslo have magicians perform comedy, magic and illusion shows for corporate parties.

Dan Stapleton, one of Toronto’s best magicians, has a wide range of magic acts and can provide leading magicians, making him a trusted choice for your entertainment needs.

Make Your Event Unforgettable With Personalized Magic Shows.

Magic Dan

One of the finest Magicians Toronto.

Magic Dan’s personal commitment is to supply performances that adults and family can enjoy together, as he has entertained audiences in Canada, Las Vegas, Europe, China, and the Caribbean.

Magic Dan’s comedy magic presentation includes a variety of effects tailored for each audience, whether toddlers, teens or mature adults. Volunteers enjoy becoming part of the show as they assist with magical props. For mature audiences various mentalist effects can be added to the mix.



Do you believe that an original and challenging presentation will help stimulate creativity in young minds and help them to learn and broaden their minds?

Bella is a stunning variety artist with amazing skills in magic and juggling

Buck MacLeod

When you hire Buck you are getting a polished professional entertainer.

Buck combines hilarious comedy, astonishing magic and audience participation to leave his audience in wonder and holding your stomach from laughter.

Buck has traveled the globe mesmerizing audiences on luxury cruises, television, fairs and for major corporations. “Buck is pure magical entertainment!”

David Cornel

Do you believe that laughter is as important to our health as good nutrition and regular exercise?

Do you believe that our kids get too much sarcasm and negative influences in the entertainment they receive?

Do you believe that an original and challenging presentation will help stimulate creativity in young minds, and help them to learn?

Do you believe that kids should be treated to new experiences that will broaden their minds?

Do you believe that families should be able to watch a show that is geared with everyone in mind, so that all ages can have fun at the same time?

Dave Cornel does too!

Dick Joiner

With his infectious hysterical laugh, fun-loving zany manner and high paced interactive comedy magic, Dick Joiner delights and astounds audiences on land, sea, and air (television) throughout North America, and Europe.

Whether you are looking for a gala production with large illusions, multiple performers and all the flash of a Vegas revue, or simply a vibrant show host or master of ceremonies, Dick Joiner will adapt the show to fit your needs.

You can always count on a fast paced show with lots of craziness and tons of audience participation.

James Harrison

Pick-Pocket Magic.

As a pick-pocket magician, James borrows pens, watches, wallets, ties and even belts from willing (and unwilling) audience members.

Before you can yell “thief”, James has returned the valuables to their rightful owners, occasionally making them reappear in unexpected places.

Jason Mc Connie

Do you believe that families should be able to watch a show that is geared with everyone in mind, so that all ages can have fun at the same time?

Good ! Then Jason will deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Joan Caesar

Internationally recognized in magic Joan was responsible for attaining Canada’s recognition on the international stage for FISM (the Olympics of magic.)

She is an International Brotherhood of Magician’s Past President (2008-2009) and Founder and Past President of the Canadian Association of Magicians.

Her show includes doves, rabbit and lots of audience participation.

Mike Collins

An exciting interactive magician with not only a dove but also with his own magical inventions that he manufactures himself.

The Poynters

For over 25 years this spellbinding couple continues to dazzle audiences.

For audiences that enjoy a hilarious, highly skilled, well-choreographed performance, being entertained by the Poynter’s is a delightful experience.

Rick Rossini

It’s Magic.

This is an amazing, fun filled magical experience featuring Rick Rossini and “your audience as the stars”!

This special performance offers a unique combination of good clean humor, sophisticated entertainment, magic, and theatre, all assisted by members of your audience (with no embarrassment to anyone).

Enjoy Magicians Toronto.

Simon the Magician

A fun loving personable magician with his unique brand of hilarity.

Rob Power

Strolling, close up, parlor, stage or illusions Rob summons amazing magical moments.

Zan Zar

Whether as the Magical Genie or in a tux he provides a magically entertaining show with the option of a dove, rabbit or fire eating.

A variety of acts from Magicians Toronto.

The Sentimentalists

They fooled Pen and Teller!

The Sentimentalists are celebrity mind reading sensations and your next entertainment solution. Toronto based mentalists they have appeared at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

They have thrilled audiences on NBC, CW, Travel channel, Bell TV, Sirus radio and more.

The Evasons- Mentalist Duo

“I have never seen better’ ’Pen and Teller

The Psychic Entertainers Association gave them its most prestigious award for distinguished professionalism.

They were also the first recipients of “The Mentalism Award” from the Milbourne Christopher Foundation and the only mentalists ever to receive the “SARMOTI Award” which legendary magicians Siegfried and Roy present to their favorite act in Las Vegas.



As the mysterious secrets of ancient priests, the conjurer and deceptive card cheat have come into the light of today’s knowledge. Magic has become what it should always have been, fun.

Mentalism, hypnotism, large illusions, card manipulation, crystal ball, mind reading, strolling magic, close up magic, stage shows, escape artistry, comedy, sleight of hand, doves, rabbits, metal spoon bending are some of the effects the modern magician is capable of performing.

Book a magician and have a enjoyable time to being mesmerized by the sleight of hand and ponder over the puzzle of its creation.

Enjoy Magicians Toronto!


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