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Full & Partial Event PlannIng
Helping you find your golden entertainment

Golden Canadian Productions, provide professional event planning services.  We will help you plan the event and customize it for your individual needs. Simply put, leave all the hard work to us and we will take care of it for you.

Food & Catering

No event is complete without food. We will connect you with a chef who will help you pick out an appropriate menu, figure out the quantity and get the right caterers for all occasions from weddings to barbecues.

Music, DJ Services

We can provide an extensive music repertorie to suit all musical tastes and oversee all equipment.

Casinos, rides, bouncy castles and more

Ever wonder how to seamlessly set up a Casino or Bouncy Castle for your event? Leave it to the professionals at Golden, who have decades of experience in getting rides, bouncy castles and other installations set up and going.

tents, RED CARPETS, party rentals, port a potties, Transportation

We can plan, co-ordinate and organize everything that goes into party rentals like:

  • tables & chairs
  • cutlery, crockery, wine & champagne glasses
  • table arrangements
  • tents
  • red carpets
  • transportation
  • photo booths

Christmas, brings Santa and carolers, while Easter brings the Easter Bunny and Egg Hunts, October brings the magic of Halloween and its myriad of costumes, while Summer brings many outdoor events.

Whatever the season we at Golden have the experience and expertise to organize and manage Seasonal Entertainment.

If at any point you just can’t find what you’re looking for, please keep in mind that what you see on our site is only a small percent of what we actually handle,  so please contact us either by e-mail or by phone or fax or regular mail.

We’re happy to answer all of your questions and will make every effort to respond usually within a matter of hours. Golden has a long lineup of top notch Entertainers and Special Event Services. If it’s out there, we can get it for you! 



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We Also Help With…

Creating a budget

Choosing a style

Booking a venue

Caterers and Desserts


Guests & Invitations

Gift Registry


Rehearsal Dinners

Venue Decor





1)Temperature: If your guests are too cold or too hot they will be too consumed with their own comfort than paying attention to the entertainment

2) Sight Lines: Make sure everyone can see. Avoid having your guests look past pillars, audience members, deco etc. Consider using a platform or staging.

3) Sound: Have access to a good sound system. Some entertainers will have their own.

4) Scheduling: Entertainers often have more than one show a day and will have to leave at their scheduled time. If a speaker runs over, food or guests are late, it will cause a ripple effect and an entertainer may have to cut or shorten their performance.

5) Distractions:  During the performance try to avoid distractions such as waite staff clearing the tables and excess noise from another party.

You may even consider closing the bar.

6) Be Aware: Check on the need for permits, union regulations, security and clauses in the contracts.

7) The Green Room: This where the entertainers can change costume, leave their belongings and wait until show time. Depending on the length of your event you may want to supply bottles of water or snacks.



Creating a budget

Picking Designing a Style

Booking your venue

Caterers and Desserts

Meet Photographers

Send Save the Dates & Invites

Communicate with your Guests

Day off Coordination

Reception Decor



1) Start early: Early planning will give you more options to choose from

2) Decide what type of event is right for you: Brainstorm with co-workers/friends/family
Who is your target audience? Your sales staff? Regular or potential clients? If it is for small children remember that they may have a short attention span and may have unfamiliar fears, as older children may consider some events are for babies.

People are susceptible to hype, peer pressure, curiosity and may have a fear factor.
How are you going to convince your audience to attend?

3) Outline a budget: Consider all the costs associated with running your event.
Entertainment, staging, sound, lighting, transportation, dressing room, green room,
decor, security, emergency services, washrooms, water, food services, etc.
Weigh the possibility of enticing other companies, government, etc. to co-sponsor the event.

4) Choose a venue: Tent, outside, auditorium, hotel, etc. This decision will affect the structure of the event. It is best to book at least a year in advance if possible

5) Choose a date: Will the date conflict with holidays, etc.? Remember the target audience. How much time will you need to plan?

6) Recruit help: Establish a planning committee, sub- committees if needed and consider the services of an event planner and/or an entertainment company.
Book your entertainment well in advance if possible to give you access to a larger selection.

7) Promote your event: Market your event to the target audience. Why will people come? To see a celebrity, to see a relative or friend, or to support a cause.  A “free” event is not necessarily an enticement factor. Advertise with flyers, memos and pre-sell tickets to create awareness. Community newspapers, television and radio may give you free or inexpensive advertising. Use the internet, Ontario Festival and Events, and other government sites to list and promote the event. Pre-event promotions such as: Contests – colouring, crafts, gardening, read-a-thon, etc. Send promotional shows to visit schools, libraries, etc. Talent shows. Community sponsored events e.g. sports tournaments or play offs.

8) Create a time line: Never take anything for granted, and expect the unexpected. Be Aware; check on the need for permits, union regulations, security and clauses in the contracts.

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